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about / TypeLink Advantages

No matter what you currently use to take notes, TypeLink makes it easier to use, organize, and work with your information.

Word Processors

TypeLink makes it easier to organize information that word processors. Traditional word processors like Microsoft Word force you to organize your notes linearly, in a series of pages that come one after another. When a document gets longer than a few pages, it can be very difficult to navigate around to find the information you're looking for. And if you have a number of different documents, it can be difficult to remember which one has the information you're looking for.

TypeLink lets you organize your thoughts into pages that each have a title, which are interlinked. You can easily get to the information you need by clicking through a series of links. This keeps your information accessible, so you can get back to it without having to read through folders and folders of lengthy documents.


TypeLink is easier to use than normal wikis. With most wikis, you need to use a special syntax to create links. Normal people can have trouble remembering the syntax, and it can be slow to enter on a mobile device. And even people who work with wikis every day can lose track of which wiki uses which syntax!

TypeLink doesn't use any special syntax to create links. Any time you type the title of a page that already exists, that text becomes a link to that page. This has the additional advantage of linking you to a page even when you didn't remember there was a page to link to!

Personal Wikis

TypeLink makes your data more accessible than other personal wiki software. Other personal wiki software stores your data on your hard drive or mobile device, and it's stuck there. If you want to use the data somewhere else, you have to copy the file--but make sure you don't lose track of which version is the latest! Some mobile devices do not automatically allow data to be transferred off of them, which means that if your device crashes, your data is gone. Even if other software allows synchronization, it requires you to pay for and set up your own sync server, and forces you to wait for lengthly sync processes to complete.

TypeLink avoids all these problems by storing your data in the cloud. You can get to it from any web browser at any time, desktop or mobile. You can also get an iOS app that gives you access to the same data. No matter how you access it, as soon as you save changes to a page, it's stored in the cloud, and immediately available anywhere else. Also, to share some of your notes publicly, you don't need to go through a lengthly process exporting to HTML and uploading to a web server. Just set a page to public, and it's instantly available to the world at a simple URL. Or, share the page for editing to other TypeLink users.