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about / TypeLink Beta

TypeLink is currently in beta stage. What this means is:

- You can use it right now! Your information is safe and backed up daily.
- It's free!
- But there may still be bugs, so be careful. Don't put your only copy of important data in TypeLink--save a backup somewhere else too.
- We want beta testers to give us feedback! Please send any bug reports or feature requests to @typelinkapp or

For the beta, you can access TypeLink via the web, iPhone, or iPad. To access the beta:

1. No matter how you plan on accessing TypeLink, first go to and sign up for an account. TypeLink's web page works on your computer, iPad, and smartphones, so you can get to the web site from anywhere.

If you only want to access TypeLink via the web, you're done! Just sign into from your computer, iPad, or smartphone, and go to town!

But if you have an iPad or iPhone, I recommend doing the following steps to get our iOS app beta. It's a lot more optimized for iOS than the web client--you will really prefer it!

2. Download the free iOS app Ad Hoc Helper ( ) and install it on your device.
3. Start the app--it will present you with an e-mail including some info on your device. I need this info (especially the Unique Device Identifier) in order to authorize your device to use the TypeLink Beta app.
4. In the To: field, type, and send the e-mail. I'll add you to the authorized device list.
5. Every week or so, I'll e-mail out an updated version of the beta app, along with instructions for installing it. I need to actually make a new version of the app in order to add your access, so I can't send it out to you sooner than every week or so.