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Students: use TypeLink for Class Notes. Don't just type up a long Word document that you'll never look at again after the semester. Use TypeLink to create a personal wiki of your class notes, and they'll always be accessible. When your professor mentions Alexander the Great and you type his name, it will become a link to your Alexander the Great notes from last semester, and you'll be able to review what you've already learned. And TypeLink is great for studying--look at a link and quiz yourself on what you know about Alexander the Great, then click on it to see if you were right. Plus, TypeLink's sharing features mean you can send your notes to a friend if they miss class. Take notes on your laptop and iPad, then look them up on your mobile phone to quiz yourself.

At work: use TypeLink to keep track of every aspect of your projects. Team members, tasks, steps, schedules, meeting notes. Make a page for every person, and that way, any time they're mentioned in meeting notes, you can click on their name to get their contact information. Share some pages to team members so they can edit them, and keep other pages for the project manager. Make a page for every task, and any time it's mentioned in the meeting notes, you can click on it to see its status. And since TypeLink is accessible on your mobile phone, you'll always have the information you need at your fingertips.

Shopping: use TypeLink to compare products, cars, homes, vacations, or other large purchases. Make one page for each option, and put all your notes on it there. Then make a page where you can see all the options laid out, and keep track of which you haven't investigated yet, and which you think is the best. Share it with your significant other so you can both keep all your information in one place. Set up your pages on your home computer, then take notes on your mobile phone while you're out and about.

At conferences: use TypeLink to keep track of what you learn. Don't just take notes in a binder or Word document you'll never look at it again. Take notes topically. Learning about business leadership? Track what you learn about it alongside what you've learned from books. Learning personal growth principles? Keep track of them on a page you can look at daily.

At church: use TypeLink to keep what you learn on Sundays, in quiet times, reading books, and in training sessions all in one place. Don't just write notes in a bulletin, journal, or book margins that you'll never go back and look at. Organize your notes by speaker/author, by series/book, and by topic, so you have multiple ways to get back to them later. If you find something particularly helpful, make the page public and share it on Facebook or Twitter with TypeLink's social features.

Wedding planning: get the chaos under control with TypeLink. Don't use web sites that give you a few helpful features but then leave you writing the rest in paper notebooks--use TypeLink to track everything in one place: to-do lists, all the options for all the decisions you have to make. Share pages with your fiance(e), so they can keep track of just the things they're working on.

Recipes: organize in multiple ways with TypeLink. Create an index page for each way you want to organize the recipes: alphabetically, by meal, by food allergy or sensitivity. Make a recipe public and share it with your social network.