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Is TypeLink for you? Here are some reasons you might be interested in TypeLink:

- Do you take notes on stickies, notepads, or random pieces of paper, and then lose them? When you need to find a note you wrote 6 months ago, does it take you half an hour or more to find it?
- Is your information for a project spread across many different places--address book, calendar, task list, project plan documents, technical documents, project management app?
- Do you take notes and then never go back and read them--like maybe in college classes? Do you find yourself retyping the same information over and over each semester, wishing there was an easier way to get back to information from the past?
- Do you find yourself e-mailing documents to people over and over again, every time you update them?
- When sharing documents with other people, do you sometimes lose track of who has the latest version of a document?
- Do you have trouble transferring notes back and forth between your computer, mobile phone, and/or tablet? Is it too hard to set up, takes too long to transfer, or are your documents not viewable or editable on your mobile device?
- Do you have a system for notes, but sometimes forget to bring it with you, forcing you to take notes outside of your system?
- Do you find yourself editing wiki pages but bogged down by the complicated syntax?

TypeLink solves all these problems:

- There's a place for everything--it's easy to organize information of any kind, in a way that makes sense to you
- Information is arranged in ways it's easy to reuse
- It's easy to share documents with individuals to edit, or for the whole world to see
- You have instant access to the latest version of your notes from any computer, mobile phone, or tablet
- You don't have to learn a complicated syntax. You type, and it links!

How does TypeLink do all this? To find out...What is TypeLink?